Comfort & Convenience

Customized Climate

Integrate your existing HVAC, radiant flooring, forced air, dual fuel and geothermal systems. Adjust climate settings at the thermostat or through the user-interface from a touch screen or smartphone. Allow temperature and humidity to adjust according to the season. Even light the fireplace without ever leaving the couch.
"No more fiddling with the thermostat. The temperature stays consistent and comfortable."

Blinds & Shades

Easily raise, lower, or tilt individual window coverings or a grouping of motorized blinds or shades in your home. Match it to sunrise and sunset settings. You can let in as much light as possible during the day, and preserve your privacy at night without having to touch a cord.
"It's so convenient not having to open and shut all the blinds throughout my house several times a day."

Energy Monitoring

Measure solar production versus power consumption. See which appliances use the most energy and how much they’re actually costing you. Track watts like footsteps or miles-per-gallon.
"I've been able to save on my energy bills now that I know which appliances are using the most electricity."

Convenience Throughout Your House


Set your irrigation timer on a schedule to water your lawn and garden with ease.

Swimming Pool

Schedule your pool or hot tub to warm up to the perfect temperature.


Light your fireplace without having to get up from your seat.


Communicate with your kids or employees even if you aren’t home.