Multi-Room Video

Many home theater systems are capable of transmitting A/V signals from the home theater gear to displays and speakers in other rooms of the house. Whip up snacks in the kitchen, host outdoor movie night on the patio, retire to the master bedroom—with multi-room audio and video you’ll be able to enjoy entertainment throughout the entire house.
"I can pause my Netflix program in the living room and continue watching in my bedroom."

Multi-Room Audio

Browse and select your playlists with a simple swipe or pass the touch screen around so your friends and family can choose the tunes. Streaming content from the world’s most popular services is right at your fingertips, with stunning cover art on display.
"I tell Alexa what I want to hear and music fills my house instantly."

Entertain Throughout Your House


Fill as many rooms as you want with your favorite music.


No more unsightly cables and boxes around your TVs.

Home Theater

Lower your screen, open the curtains and dim the lights all with one button.


Binge-watch all your Netflix shows on any screen you prefer.